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At Optimum Solar, our mission is to empower individuals and businesses to harness the unlimited power of the sun, while making a positive impact on the environment. We firmly believe that solar energy is not only a sustainable solution but also a remarkable opportunity to embrace a brighter and cleaner future.

We strive to provide exceptional solar panel sales services that are not only efficient but also friendly, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for our valued customers.

What is Optimum?

At Optimum Solar, we recognize that trying to determine if solar is a good fit for you can feel like a daunting task. Between the misinformation, all of the different companies to choose from and never-ending salesmen at your door, it can feel overwhelming. Let’s be honest, all you want is accurate information, a non-pushy salesman and confidence, right?!

That’s why we are called “Optimum.” With years of experience and the desire to provide a high level of customer service, our goal is to help equip you with all of the information you need to make a decision that will produce “success” or a “favorable outcome.”

Our Process

Set up a consultation

We will have a customized plan designed for you, answer your questions and help you understand if solar makes sense.


Site survey

A survey and measurements will be taken of your roof and the electrical panel will be examined to determine if you are eligible for solar.


Permits and utility applications

An engineered design and necessary applications will be submitted for approval with the local utility company and city/country.



Typically completed in 1-2 days by a local, licensed and bonded installer.


Meter set & Power on!

Final inspections are completed, the new meter is set and you are powered on!



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Solar energy can help to lower your monthly electric bill by taking the energy from the sun and converting it to usable energy to power the items in your home. For MOST homeowners the average cost per kilowatt hour (kwh) is lower with solar than their average with their current utility company. There are also some great incentives available through the federal government and in some states that can also help homeowners take a step to a brighter and cleaner future too! It is best to schedule a time to talk to a solar professional to see if solar is right for you.

When considering solar, it is best to talk to a solar professional to determine first of all if the roof space you have is beneficial for solar. If so, the number of panels and the amount of roof space the solar system will occupy will be determined by your specific usage in the home. The inverter and new meter, in most cases, will be installed next to your current meter. The site survey process (1st step in the installation process) will determine if the space you have is adequate for installation along with checking your roof and electrical panel.

Solar panel production does drop during cloudy days. The amount of production will depend on cloud cover. At night, solar panels do not produce electricity. However, with a battery storage system installed, if enough energy is produced during the day it can be stored in the battery to be used at night.

Solar systems are warrantied, in most cases, for 25 years. It is best to consult a solar professional regarding the warranty for your specific product.

Currently, the federal government is offering up to a 30% federal tax credit for qualifying customers who purchase their solar system. You can read more about the tax credit at the following link:

Homeowner’s Guide to the Federal Tax Credit for Solar Photovoltaics | Department of Energy

Some states also offer state credits. It is best to speak with a solar professional regarding what is available for your area.
*Disclaimer - we are not tax professionals and do not give advice regarding taxes outside of what is available for your area. It is ALWAYS best to speak with your trusted tax professional to see if you qualify.*

Solar requires very little maintenance. Some customers prefer to have them cleaned professionally every few years. If equipment malfunctions, contact your local sales company/installer for details regarding warranty coverage. At Optimum Solar, we also recommend adding the solar panels to the home insurance policy to protect your investment from what may not be covered under the manufacturer's warranty.

Mark M. -

"My wife and I had a terrific experience with Josh Easter when purchasing solar panels. Josh is Extremely professional and personable. He was quick to answer all of my questions and concerns. Even after making the sale, he went above and beyond and stayed in touch with us throughout the installation process to ensure everything was going smoothly. It can be discouraging dealing with aggressive salesmen; however, Josh is not that. My family and I are grateful we found him."

Robert M. -

"I had the pleasure of buying two Solar packages from Josh. He demonstrated a desire to know me, my specific needs, and budgetary restraints. Josh also took an enormous amount of time to educate me relative to owned systems verses leased. From design to installation, Josh was there every step of the way. There are alot of Solar options in the marketplace. It's imperative that consumers are educated and protected from predatory opportunists. I would not hesitate to recommend Josh. He embodies character and ethics."

Trey L. -

"Josh was amazing to work with for my solar. His prices couldn’t be touched, the product has been amazing. I’ve had my system for almost a year without any issues. He has answered any questions I have had. Highly recommend!"

Olivia P. -

"Josh has been so great from the first meet until the final part of installation. He was very honest with us from the beginning and worked hard to get us the best deal for our lease. Thank you again Josh!"

Heather M. -

"Had the best experience with Josh Easter! Very professional and honest with everything from start to finish! Highly recommended! If your thinking about going solar don’t hesitate to reach out to Josh! Beat experience ever!"

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